Simplicity & Clear Mind

Simplicity leads to clear mind and top performance.

There are two aspects of learning, from the perspective of Tao.

The first concerns the accumulation of knowledge. The second concerns its applications.

Lao Zi finds them to be totally different.

“In pursuit of knowledge
something is added every day.
In pursuit of Dao
something is eliminated every day.
Continue eliminating until you come to action without striving.
Action without striving, nothing remains undone.” (48)

In pursuit of knowledge, we go for richness.

The more knowledge you have, the more resourceful you’re likely to be.

For the application of knowledge, we go for clarity.

use of knowledge

A medical doctor has tons of knowledge behind him, accumulated from years of training and practice. How good he is, however, is not how much he knows; but how good he is in using the knowledge for accurate diagnosis – which could be as simple as a line of instruction.

A business executive could have voluminous research with him. His quality lies nevertheless in a simple answer of yes or no to an investment. A good singer captivates, only if she can enchant in the minutes of encounter with the audience.

The masters excel, because they know in no uncertainty term what enthralls.

Just like Einstein condensing the theory of relativity into the formula E = mc2!


Exercise 1: Clearing Clutters

clear room and clear mind

1. Go through the process of riding clutters. It could be your desk, your study, or wardrobe.

2. Look at the clutters; think about the ways you want them to be reorganized.

3. Throw away the unnecessary, obsolete, or superfluous. Items that you have not been using for more than a year, unless contain sentimental value; can very well be thrown away.

4. Once you are done so, appreciate the uncluttered, enjoy the clear mind.

Does the result offer clarity? Does it offer you more control?

  1. Relate the experience to the management of mind. How powerful and more effective you can be, if you can clear clutters from your mind?

Exercise: Fighting Stage Fright

A jovial, eloquent man who is care-free among friends, suddenly turned mute when he is taken to the rostrum. He has lost his speech due to stage fright. Can the Tao of simplicity help him to overcome the problem?

Suggested Answer:

Of course he can. He mind is cluttered with fear that prevents him from speaking in his natural way. Clear the clutter. He needs a clear mind. Focus on the most essential – by just starting to say a few words: and he will be on his way to be a confident speaker on stage.

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