Letting Go!

Effortless Tao Leadership


letting go

Tao leadership is effective and effortless.

“I have heard my master say that nurturing life is like keeping a flock of sheep,” says Chuang Tzu in his book. “You lash the last sheep, and the rest will move.”

By working on the energy field of groups, you harness the power in them. This is more potent than exerting authority.

When you have allowed the group to function on its own, stand back and let go. Refrain from interfering. .

Letting go does not guarantee success. Uncalled for interference, however, may stifle the group’s energy.

As a effective leader, do what is called for, and trust the process.

Even when there is a storm, it needs time and space to subside.

As Laotzu puts it, a good leader leads as if not leading,

”Tao never strives,
Yet through it things are done.
Man of power adhering to it,
All things develop of their own accord.”

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